D&D 4th Edition

A new ally?

It appears we have made a new ally – a man by the name of Lamont Cranston.

We were approached by Cranston and two of his Shadow Thieves after setting up camp in the elves’ fort.

He claimed that the elves were working with him to undermine the black market trade of goods currently controlled by the Fire Knives.

We were each given a silver ring with a purple gem affixed to it, and told that it could be used to identify ourselves as Shadow Thieves.

Next came an “initiation” of sorts. We were asked to rid a nearby abandoned keep of the kobolds who had taken up residence there.

The kobolds were easily dealt with, and we cleared the keep in a matter of hours.

It was only after a careful inspection of the last chamber that we discovered a secret passage leading deeper into the complex.

It turns out that we were walking into the lair of a young white dragon!

The dragon was quite a challenge, and I myself thought I had met my match. There are gaps during the battle in which I remember nothing, but we eventually were victorious.

I owe my life to my companions.

- Koth Silverthia, Mirtul 1479


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