D&D 4th Edition

More Clues, But No Answers

“Much has transpired in the last two days. We set out to meet an old hermit (on the advice of the horse master).

The hermit was helpful without asking for anything in return, and pointed us to Gulthandor, on the road to Starmantle.

We encountered more elven scouts in the woods, but we were expecting them this time. It was not a long battle, but a short, bloody skirmish the elves had no chance of winning.

After dealing with the scouts we stealthily traveled on, in search of their base of operations. We found what we were looking for in a very thick part of the wood.

They did not expect us, and we ambushed the camp from afar. The elf had two foes down before the rest knew what was happening. The paladin and I charged in and fell the rest of them in a matter of seconds.

We snuck into the only structure we found there to find three more elves who were oblivious to the battle which had just taken place outside. We made quick work of them as well, and here is where we have found our latest clue: A folded piece of paper with what appears to be a schedule of some sort, a list of times for the 2nd, 4th, and 10th day.

The paper also bears the mark of a slim dagger pointing downwards, with a blazing red-orange flame around it. We will need to investigate further.”

-Geralt Iluthain, Mirtul 1479 DR


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