D&D 4th Edition

On Our Own...

“We fought many battles in Westgate’s arena, but that day we fought our last. We (myself, Ragna, dragonborn paladin of Torm, and Grey, elven ranger, that is) were released, given some gold to get started with, and sent on our way.

I thought we would be hard pressed to find work, anything that could keep us from starving to death. The skills we honed over the years of fighting in that enormous sand pit may be what brings us glory in the end, however. For not a single hour passed since our new found freedom had been bestowed on us when we were first approached by a prospective employer… Edmond Silva, to be exact.

He made himself easy to like from the beginning, paying for the “celebration we deserved” in his favorite tavern, “The Hairy Bear.” When we woke the next morning, however, it wasn’t Edmond who came to us for work. It was his close friend Haleth Harpo, a man of some wealth who owned a blacksmithing operation in Reddansyr.

Haleth’s request was a simple one: escort a shipment of blacksmithing supplies back to his business in Reddansyr. Something about bandits attacking merchant wagons on the roads between the port towns and the trade towns.

He agreed to pay us 25 gold pieces (each, I might add) per day for the two-day trip, so you can imagine how quickly I agreed. The way I see it, I had no choice. Perhaps finding work wouldn’t be so hard after all…”

-Geralt Iluthain, Mirtul 1479 DR


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