D&D 4th Edition

We Leave Westgate

“Half a day’s travel from Westgate we came upon the first hitch in the road: an abandoned and apparently looted merchant wagon pulled to one side of the road.

After Grey called my attention to the arrow shafts protruding from the rear of the wagon, it was clear that this was not an accident of any sort.

Upon closer inspection we discovered that although there was plenty of blood, there were no bodies left at the scene… the only clue we found was a red hat with a bright, purple feather in it.

This did not fare well with Haleth, who claimed the hat belonged to a good friend of his, a tailor in Reddansyr by the name of Andrew.

After some careful tracking by the elf, we located two freshly covered graves. Andrew was indeed dead…

It was decided that we would deliver the news to his wife, Sariah, as soon as we arrived in Reddansyr. We had had a long day, so we set up camp for the night – which is the first time our skills in battle were tested outside the sandpit arena of Westgate.

During the night we were set upon by a wild pack of wolves. We made such quick work of them one could have slept through the entire encounter and not been awakened.

The very next day, we met the highway “bandits” face to face… It happened extremely fast. The first thing I remember was seeing an arrow whisk past the paladin’s left ear.

Haleth took cover behind the wagon, while Grey, Ragna, and myself drew steel and bow and went out to face our attackers.

No matter what anyone tells me, I will never again underestimate the skill of an elven archer. There was not one elven archer attacking us that day, but four, hidden amongst the trees and brush on each side of the path.

We battled for what seemed like a day in itself, and only through the paladin’s healing powers were we able to survive and defeat our enemies. Tomorrow we should reach Reddansyr. I only hope Haleth plans to give us more work… 25 gold will not last this Eladrin long at all.”

-Geralt Iluthain, Mirtul 1479 DR


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