First of the Seldarine

Good Greater God

Legends of the epic battles between Corellon (sometimes called Corellon Larethian) and Gruumsh are the most repeated in the history of Toril. During that great struggle, the eladrin were born of Corellon’s blood.

He is the benevolent ruler of Arvandor and the leader of the Seldarine (“the fellowship of brothers andsisters of the wood”), god and exarchs who embody the eladrin’s proud and ancient traditions.

Though he is a skilled warrior, it is his love of the eladrin and their great works of magic and beauty that inspires Corellon. That inspiration is returned to his people a thousandfold.

Corellon’s feywardens are charged with protecting the traditions and works of their race. They turn aside political power, acting as advisors to the kings and queens of the elven realms.

The holiest day for Corellites is Shieldmeet, but every month they gather under the crescent moon to observe Lateu’quor, the Forest Communion of the Crescent Moon, praising their deity with a multitude of beautiful works.

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